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When non-professionals decide to invest in property, they sometimes spend additional funds needlessly because they don’t understand all the details and benefits that come with investments. The primary areas in which you’ll save are generally fees and taxes. But, to

TPD Insurance, for the uninitiated, stands for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance. This offers financial benefits for people, who are no longer capable or able to work in any occupation, owing to a mental or physical disability or health

Though there is not much to differentiate between the general tax structure for salaried men and women in India, there are a fair few ways in which women can save tax. It is a heartening trend to witness: increasing numbers

Money could be both an excellent factor, in addition to a constant burden simultaneously. Naturally it feels great to possess all sorts of cash available. However, it’s not so excellent when you’re in dire necessity of cash. Actually, this is