Are You Trying to Find Local Coin Dealer? A Few Tips


If you are interested to find any local coin dealers in your area then do not to find one from yellow pages first. Before, you try to show the coin dealer your coin. You must do enough research to find out what they are worth.

Most of the coin dealers listed in yellow pages are basically pawnbrokers, jewelers, junk bullion buyers or few others who really don’t collect any rare coins. They will usually try to buy your coins at a cheaper rate.

Try to find honest and knowledgeable coin dealer

You must consult from the directory of “Professional Numismatists’ Guild” to find an expert coin dealer, who is also honest, ethical and trustworthy too.

Usually to be a member of the above directory the requirements are very strict. Therefore, here you can expect to get right dealer and your coin will get right value that you deserve.

Try ANA which is another local coin dealer

Besides the above, “American Numismatic Association’s Dealer Directory” also has certain code of ethics, and you can also try with them to avoid being cheated by unscrupulous dealer.

However, you must keep in mind that ANA is not as vigilant like PNG so far as mediating any disputes are concerned. Good point about ANA is that they have local coin dealer.

You can also find local Dealers at coin shows or clubs

In case you fail to find any local coin dealer with the help of the above sources kike PNG or ANA, then try to find any coin clubs located in your area.

Besides looking at directory of ANA you can also try to search on Google by using proper keywords such as “Your-City Coin Shows” or “Your-City Coin Clubs”.

Finding through other sources

If all the above efforts fail to give any results then look for Yellow Pages, but don’t try to see the online version. Better get the physical book, and then look for various advertisements in “Coin Dealers” section.

Often you will be able to judge whether the dealer is really good choice or not.

Other last resorts

Finally, if all these efforts do not bear any fruit for you then try to expand your search by looking at various local newspapers, particularly the papers such as “Nifty Nickel” or “Recycler”.

All these publications often come out weekly basis and you may find certain private party advertisements. They may buy or sell coins on private basis.

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