Here’s What You Should Do When Your Accounting Software Is Not Working Properly


Companies around the world leverage UK accounting software like Dext to manage their day-to-day accounting operations. However, as is the case with any software product, technical or network issues can crop up.

Here’s discussing the most typical problems you can run into with your UK accounting software and how you can fix them.

Simple Fixes for 5 Common Accounting Software Issues

Issue 1: Installation issues

Installation failures typically happen if your device lacks enough storage space, does not support or has a faulty internet connection.

How to fix it?

  • Begin with checking if your WiFi connection is working properly.
  • Then, check if your device is compatible with the UK accounting software version. If not, you may need to upgrade your software or device accordingly.
  • Make sure there is plenty of disk space on your device to install and download app data

Issue 2: App loading problems

If you find your accounting software displaying a blank screen or crashing unexpectedly, it’s most likely a temporary loading issue.

Quick note: It’s possible that your software server is down, in which case It’s a good idea to wait for a few minutes and try again.

How to fix it?

You can usually resolve loading issues by powering down and restarting your accounting software or device. If that doesn’t work, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling your accounting software to restore it to its default settings.

However, if the problem persists, contact a Dext professional or consultant for help.

Issue 3: Network failure

Network-related issues are possibly the most common accounting software problems users face. They typically cause you to lose connection to data files or crash your app without an error message.

How to fix it?

To begin with, make sure your accounting software is installed properly with due permissions enabled to the firewall. Thereafter, you can leverage the diagnostic or troubleshoot tool to automatically detect issues and resolve them.

Issue 4: Accessibility issues

Although uncommon, users sometimes face issues with copying or transferring data files from one location to another — usually when creating backups. Normally, it is due to the strict security features of the accounting software that restrict unauthorized users from performing certain actions or accessing locked data files.

How to fix it?

Check if you have been granted permission to access said files. If your server manager or directory monitor is locked, it prompts appropriate actions at your end to unlock these services.

Issue 5: Accounting software working slow

If your accounting software is taking more than usual time to load, it may be due to issues in your hardware resulting from multi-user connectivity.

How to fix it?

Begin with ensuring that your UK accounting software is updated to the latest version. Thereafter, we recommend checking your hardware for issues

Key Consideration: Is it a user problem rather than a software problem?

Yes, it may not be a software-related glitch at all; bookkeepers may be misusing the software or providing incorrect input leading to ineffective accounting outcomes. Oftentimes, teams operating accounting software are not well-trained to extract maximum use from it or do not possess knowledge of the software beyond its basic functionalities.

In such cases, before you resort to troubleshooting the accounting software or replace it all-together

  • Have a professional or expert compile and audit your books
  • Review your entries; make sure that are correctly entered into the system
  • Check if you can resolve the issue(s) by configuring default settings
  • Make sure your accounting personnel have undergone extensive end-user training (beyond installation and inputting beginning balances)

It is always a more viable option to resolve issues in your current software than replace it for a new system. So, make sure you do your part in identifying and resolving issues with your accounting software before reaching out to concerned personnel.

Dext provides the option for troubleshooting app issues effortlessly using its diagnostic tool. However, if you are still facing problems with your accounting software, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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