Private Health Insurance Tips (Arzt Private Krankenversicherung)


When choosing the best health insurance based on their preferences, people want to get the excellent service to use the claims if something happens to them.

However, numerous people on an annual basis seek help with a wide array of health insurance issues. That is the main reason you should understand the tips that will help you prevent potential problems with your private coverage.

The most important responsibility is to ensure you keep premium payments up-to-date, which will allow you to get everything you wanted in the first place.

Some options will require you to pay them in advance. Of course, they will offer you some options in case you are a few weeks back. Still, you should pay up-to-date if you wish to get all benefits towards the general and hospital treatment you agreed beforehand.

If you are down on payment for one month, an insurance company can cancel it, which means that you will not rejoin in the future for a particular period.

You should talk with them to determine the best payment plan, especially if you get into the challenge of paying everything promptly.

At the same time, if you pay them regularly from a credit or debit card account, you should check out the statements that everything went smoothly.

Some options will offer you incentives for members that pay in advance, for instance, an entire year. These incentives can include discounts on premium increases in further years, which is an essential consideration to remember.

Tips to Remember

A health fund will send you a letter if some changes happen, which means you should make proper decisions at the right time. It is vital to read every detail of correspondence, which will provide you with all the info you need.

Remember that health funds can change benefits at any time. However, they have to offer you reasonable notice beforehand. The changes will apply even if you have paid them in advance, which can become a short-term problem.

If you wish to ensure you get all notifications you need, we recommend adding contact details, including phone number, postal address, email address and many more that are up-to-date.

In case you change anything, you should notify an insurance company as soon as possible. At the same time, if you move from one place to another, it may affect your amount of premiums and benefits.

For instance, ambulance services can vary between areas because they differ and come with specific options. The best way to handle everything is to keep a fund informed about changes, which will help you avoid potential problems while using insurance.

Besides, you should check whether they will ask you to return a form or offer extra information throughout the process.

Most private health funds will write to all members to announce premium changes and other factors once a year.

If they are making changes, the letter will include all relevant information. Therefore, you need to read the entire thing, including additional info you will get.

At the same time, you should keep them informed about different aspects of your life, including:

  • Changes of Address and Contact Details – The best way to ensure you get relevant notifications about changes to your coverage should ensure to provide them with an up-to-date phone number and address.
  • Changing Location – If you go on a summer vacation overseas, some services and policies will not pay for the medical care if something happens. Therefore, you may have to pay for an additional travel insurance policy that will allow you to rest assured and protect yourself. However, if you are going abroad for more than two months, the provider may suspend your policy. The main reason is that you will have a waiting period, but you must talk with them to see about all aspects before you make up your mind.
  • Family Circumstances – If you have implemented family health coverage, a slight change in family circumstances can affect your policy. Therefore, you should let them know in case of a newborn child or relationship breakdown. Different companies come with different rules about covering older children. Therefore, before a child turns eighteen, you can cover them with single insurance coverage. However, if you have a single policy and wish to switch to a family one, you should know a few things beforehand. For instance, if your baby is born prematurely or with additional health issues and you have a single cover, baby expenses will not be covered. Therefore, you should contact them as soon as possible to avoid potential financial problems that may happen.
  • Bank Details – If you are paying premiums through direct deductions from credit card or bank account, you should get a transaction document that will help you keep up to date every month.
  • Ask a Doctor for Estimation Beforehand – When you reach a doctor, you should know that he/she should provide you information about fees that come with specific treatments and charges (Arzttarife) you must make for services. If you are getting help in a private hospital, you should ensure they write you a check. Without relevant information, you will not be able to get a return of your money. Ask a doctor whether he/she can participate in a particular coverage you have, the amount of charge he/she will make and other factors that will help you out with the process.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can rest assured and get everything you wanted in the first place.

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