This Is How a 24X7 Roadside Assistance Aids Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Plan


A two-wheeler policy is not just a mandatory legal requirement, but also offers protection to your vehicle. While the Motor Vehicles Act makes it compulsory to have one, it is you, who decides the coverage above the minimum required third-party cover. Thus, choosing the right type of bike insurance plan offers a financial cushion for the expensive repair costs required after a collision or damages.

While buying two wheeler insurance online offers you convenience, selecting the right policy is essential. As discussed above, a third-party party is the bare minimum but offers limited coverage for legal liabilities only. On the contrary, a comprehensive plan that includes own-damage cover provides protection not just for legal liabilities due to other persons, but also the damages that ensue to your bike. Apart from such enhanced protection against damages, comprehensive plans are customisable using add-on facility. Such add-on covers facilitate the customisation of your bike insurance plan to enhance the scope that otherwise isn’t covered under a standard comprehensive plan. One such add-on is the 24X7 roadside assistance (RSA) add-on.

This purpose of this article is to explain all the benefits of a having a roadside assistance add-on in your bike insurance policy. They include:

  • Coverage for battery troubles

Bad weather or little use of the vehicle can result in a battery drain. At such times, if you are out on a trip and the battery dies, it is not easy to jump-start it. This depends on the on how much depletion in battery level has occurred and requires special type on equipment. In such situation, the help of a trained technician would be better instead of figuring out yourself. While a mechanic is not available at all times for your help, a 24X7 roadside assistance cover comes handy in towing your bike to a safe spot or nearest garage. In some cases, if the towing van is equipped with the necessary tools, they can jump-start your bike to continue your journey with little hassles. *

  • Minor repairs during travels

New riders are often not aware of the nitty-gritties of their bike. Hence, these new riders are clueless when it is a case of minor repairs in the middle of the road. With a roadside assistance cover as part of your insurance plan, these inconveniencies can be dealt by new and experienced riders, both. The insurance company ensures that a mechanic is sent to your location to fix such issues and they can even help your over a call, if needed. *

  • Tackling a case of flat tyre

Replacing a flat tyre is easy when you are driving a car using the provided spare wheel and the tools. But it isn’t the same for two-wheelers. Bikes do not come with a spare tyre and not all riders are equipped with the necessary tools for fixing the puncture or inflating the tyre again. Hence, at such an event, your 24X7 RSA comes to the rescue helping you deal with such flat-out situations where no help is available.

* Standard T&C Apply

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, towing facility, fuel refills and lost keys are some other situations when an RSA plan saves your from getting stranded on the roads. While you can choose to add or remove the different add-ons, ensuring it is part of your policy at every two wheeler insurance renewal goes a long way. Other than such RSA cover, there are other add-ons that enhance the policy’s coverage however it impacts the bike insurance price too. So, make sure to balance the benefits vis-à-vis its cost. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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