Larson&Holz – why is this company so popular among traders?


Everyone is always looking for suitable conditions. Regardless of what others can offer, and what you will have to do. In the field of trading, everything is absolutely the same. Any trader is looking for a suitable broker, who will offer him the best conditions for trading. The first thought is how to find a brokerage company that will not deceive. The ratings should not be relied on now, as resources are gradually shifting to the purchase base. Who paid more, he gets the first line. Take as a basis reviews, the story is almost the same. Reviews are easy to buy. And not only bought, but also written at times without any basis. It remains one thing to check the company yourself. Choosing one of them in a random order, we decided to check it from the beginning, and to the end. We chose the brokerage company Larson&Holz. Visiting the official website of this company, we were slightly surprised by the number of sections and headings. At first glance it may seem like a lot of superfluous. But having understood a little, it becomes obvious that the site has only what the client needs. There are many services that other brokerage companies do not have. We decided to start with where the overwhelming majority of clients begin. From bonuses. So it happens that bonuses are made to allocate more space than some other services. The bonus system, to be honest, surprised. Let’s start with the most popular option. The bonus system is quite effective in all respects. But let’s consider each species separately.

No-deposit Forex. Do not be surprised, this is the name of one of the types of bonus system. In principle, a client of Larson&Holz registers a no-deposit trading account. Deposit no deposit trading account is $ 100. This is company money. But the money can trade for three days. Exactly enough for trading. All the profits that the trader will receive within three days, the company transfers to his personal account. Well, the original $ 100 is returned to the company. It should be noted that three days of trading can bring a good profit to the trader. But as it turned out, the story does not end there. After the trading account is automatically closed, you can open another no deposit account. Again three days of trading. Terms are similar to the first account. The trader picks up the profit, and the initial money is returned to the company. And what is most interesting, even after closing the second no deposit account, a trader can open it for the third time. You can even sum up. A trader has exactly nine days for no-deposit trading. After all, he did not put his money on the deposit. The company Larson&Holz did it for him. So, nine days, it’s almost half a month. And for half a month you can make good money. And plus to this, the trader did not trade with his own money, but with the money of Larson&Holz. It is also impossible to ignore the fact that many beginning traders thus make their initial capital for subsequent trade. After all, agree, why not take advantage of the opportunity to trade without risk. Or with zero risk. Moreover, the profit remains on the balance of the trader. But the fact is that this opportunity is given only three times. After the third time, the function becomes unavailable for the account. By the way, no-deposit Forex from the company Larson&Holz has become one of the most popular services of the company. Customers do not pass by such opportunities.

The next bonus is the return of a portion of the tuition. We will explain this with a simple example. Let’s say the client decided to take a course. Naturally, there is no free training. The client is offered to complete a full course, say, for $ 200. After the client has completed a full course of study, Larson&Holz returns 10% of the course fee. That is, the return is 20 dollars. This is a good increase to the main trade deposit. In the end, we can say that the trader learned only for 180 dollars. And the higher the cost of the course, the greater the return. Not a bad bonus.

 The next type of bonus is the return of interest on the trade deposit. This scheme is similar to the banking scheme. But with the only difference is that the bank pays interest in rubles, and Larson&Holz pays in dollars. Yes, and the percentage is much more than the bank. Let’s just say, the bank pays 8% per annum. The company Larson&Holz returns 10%. But immediately note that the exception is trading accounts, the deposit of which is less than 3 000 dollars. That is, if the client has a deposit greater than or equal to $ 3,000, he claims a refund of interest.

 Standard types of bonuses will not be considered, since they are smaller both for the sum of the bonus itself and for actions. Let’s note only that the company Larson&Holz provides bonuses for the registration of a partner, for transfers, and for the replenishment or withdrawal of funds.

 The next unique service in its kind is a partnership program. There are no analogues. The company has tried to expand the partnership program to such an extent that the client is offered even the opening of his own company, or already a ready business for a franchise. At first glance it may seem that opening a partner center or an office takes a lot of time and effort. But in fact, the company Larson&Holz provides support, and completely accompanies the future partner from the beginning, and to the end. Support of this kind, in principle, is worth a lot. After all, starting a company from scratch, and without the necessary knowledge, it really can wear out anyone. But counting on the consultants of the company, the client saves time, and most importantly, nerves. But the surprise grows as we learn the nuances of help. It turns out that Larson&Holz not only helps physically, but also financially. That is, part of the cost is borne by the company. But again, everything depends on the size of the company. If a large-scale expansion is planned, the company agrees to invest 50% of the initial investment at the stage of the company’s opening and development. But what is characteristic, if you think about it, in this matter both sides win. It turns out, the client acquires own company, which will bring him profit. Well, the company acquires a client who will work under the auspices of Larson&Holz. The development of the company does not take much time. Here on the new company the untwisted brand Larson&Holz works. This also means a lot. Especially, at the stage of development. But that’s not all. As for the investment of Larson&Holz in the new partner center, or the partner office. The company does not require back its investments. They remain on the balance sheet of the company, and can be used at the discretion of the new management. In fact, they are the asset of the new company. It should be noted that this is a huge advantage for single-minded customers. Investments – 50%, the initial capital is already there – the asset is the investment of Larson&Holz. The benefit is obvious. But customers who plan to work with the franchise, the company offers favorable conditions for cooperation. But in any case, the client does not lose, as Larson&Holz accompanies its client at all stages. A consultant works with the client, who takes care of a part of the company’s opening and legal issues. What else I would like to note is that some of Larson&Holz’s obligations to its customers. The company undertakes to support every customer. Regardless of the profitability of the company in this region. After all, the partner company may not open in the most prestigious region.

Also it is worth paying attention to the fact that some services are updated periodically. In some services, new options are gradually added. All these innovations are aimed at more convenient work. Yes, and trading is becoming easier.

Well, in the end let’s sum up our acquaintance with the brokerage company Larson&Holz. In fact, there are positive factors. As they say, the company has more good than bad. Do not believe the reviews or ratings. Better to independently check brokerage digging. And the company, by the way, deserves to be talked about. Let the bad. But bad it is necessary to prove. And with this, just the problem.

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