Minimising Nasty Vet Bills


Many of us have pets at home who we love dearly and who love us in return, and we do whatever we can to take care of them, feed them and in time they become part of the family, especially the cats and dogs, who are probably the most common choice for a pet. Some people opt for animals a little more exotic, but the one thing in common with all of them, is that sooner or later they are going to need a visit to the vet. Dogs especially are very intelligent animals and have a very good memory, so after the first trip there, often as a puppy for vaccinations, they quickly associate the vet with discomfort and pain and are not too happy about repeat visits. Given the costs associated with a visit to the vet, many owners are fairly reluctant to take their pet there too, but when your little treasure is sick, there is really very little choice.

Excessive Bills

While many visits to the vet are relatively painless for you and for your pet, there are times when a crisis arises, such as an animal being involved with a moving vehicle and being seriously injured, or having major medical issues that require a lengthy period of intense medical care. While all of us want to do whatever we can to save our animal, sadly every year around 10% of animals requiring veterinary care are put to sleep, because the owner simply cannot afford to pay the bills involved. That is a horribly high number, and a large proportion of them could have been saved if the owner had thought ahead.

The Family Pet

That is the term we normally use to describe an animal in our care, the family pet, yet when we can allow some of them to die for the sake of a few thousand dollars, you have to ask, are they truly treated as a genuine member of the family? After all, we would never even consider allowing one of our children to die for the same reason, and that is quite simply because we are covered by insurance, so that when a medical crisis arrives, our focus is on the person getting better and we don’t have to worry about the bill.

Insurance for Pets

It has been possible for some time, to take out third party insurance in case your animal bites someone, or causes an accident, and the fastest growing sector right now in the insurance world in Australia is pet insurance to cover for accident and medical emergencies. With a wide range of plans covering just about every eventuality, optional excesses, and even individual plans for specific breeds, there is an option out there that can keep your pet covered medically, the same as the rest of your family.

No More Bills

It is possible to eradicate all nasty bills at the vet from now on. With a comprehensive package, even vaccinations, and regular routine check-ups are included. For a fixed and very affordable monthly amount, you can repay the love your pet gives to you, and truly make him an equal and real member of the family, with the same benefits as everyone else.

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