Tailored Banking and Financial Services for the Discerning Client


There’s little debate about the fact that the banking industry has gone through significant changes in the past few decades. People who were regular clients of a classic, local bank many years ago would have difficulty naming all the services available from your personal banker today. In the 21st century, a few of the leaders in the financial industry now design their services with a slightly different focus.

For example, these banks offer an array of complementary services meant not to stand alone, but to work with the professional plans and programs of other advisers. You can still depend on being able to manage your daily financial activity through what might be considered traditional services such as deposits, charge cards, current accounts, and so on.

Traditional Services and More

You can also borrow funds through one of the many lending plans and programs available, and you will receive quick and efficient decisions by banking professionals who understand your complex circumstances. Deposits are accommodated through tailored solutions, with deposit accounts offered for individuals, for trusts, limited companies, and for charitable organisations.

Naturally, you always have access to knowledgeable professionals who are ready to connect you with financial planning experts, legal specialists, and wealth-management professionals. When you “partner” with Hampden and Co Bank, this network ensures that you always get the finest support available to private clients and family businesses, and the focus is always on personal service.

This is your source for outstanding service if you need assistance with trust activity, such as deposits and lending, or if you want to work closely with professionals as a property investor. You can also arrange to finance a property purchase from your self-invested personal pension (SIPP). Deposit services are offered for SIPP activity, as well. Of course, you can also call on knowledgeable experts when you have a complex lending plan in mind, as they pay special attention to clients whose individual circumstances are unusual.

Online, In Person

In keeping with the trends in traditional banking, you will also have access to digital banking, a convenience for those who choose this method. However, if you’re not comfortable with banking online, you have before you all the services normally available in a full service location. Don’t hesitate to contact a representative to arrange for personal service if you’re a client with high net-worth. Programs designed to coordinate with professionals in other areas of expertise will be perfect for your needs.

When you call to consult with a member of the team, be sure to ask about tailoring a plan to fit your specific requirements. Financial-services professionals lead their field by delivering unmatched personal service along with the plans and services valued by their clients. The key to success, both for you and for your banking specialist, lies in establishing a solid foundation first, and then building a long-term relationship on top of that.

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