A Policyholder’s Guide To Working With A Public Adjuster!

If you are a policyholder, you already know that dealing with the insurance provider isn’t the easiest thing. You also realize that these insurance companies rely on claim adjusters, and therefore, you may not get what you have claimed. In this post, we will talk about public adjusters, who can help in easing the process of filing claims.

What does a public adjuster do?

In simple words, public adjuster offers specific assistance for policyholders with regards to claims. When you file a claim, your insurance provider will rely on claims adjusters for taking things forward, and that can mean considerable loss for you. Most claims adjusters use a bunch of ways to reduce the overall damage worth, which reduces the claim amount, simply because these professionals are paid by insurance companies. A public adjuster, on the other hand, will be hired by you, and they will evaluate things from your perspective, so that your claim is honored.

Things to expect

If you are wondering how to file an insurance claim, working with a public adjuster is the best idea for sure. An experienced public adjuster will understand, comprehend and explain your insurance policy and ensure that your rights are protected when the claim is filed. He will also access and evaluate damage and other aspects fairly to keep things in your favor to the best possible extent. Also, the public adjuster is responsible for negotiating the deal with the insurance provider, and he will ensure all the policy provisions are applied. With someone who is experienced in this field, you can expect to get a fast, fair settlement for insurance claims.

In short, public adjusters can look into the following-

  • Things that are covered in the policy and how the language of the same affects your claim.
  • An analysis of the policy for finding the possible words or terms that may go against you.
  • Whether any of the recent law changes and other aspects can affect the claim.
  • Order an evaluation of the damage, so that detailed and fair information can be obtained.
  • Deciding the process and amount for the claim as per the evidence
  • Documenting all aspects of the loss and damage on paper
  • Completing the necessary paperwork involved in filing the claim
  • Communication with the insurance provider, attend meetings and keep additional paperwork in check
  • Presenting the claim to the insurance company
  • Negotiating all the aspects, so that the best possible settlement can be obtained from the insurer

Do you need a public adjuster?

If you are dealing with large losses or feel that the insurance provider isn’t responding to the claim as expected, contacting a public adjuster can help. Manu people would hire a public adjuster anyway, just to avoid the confusions and paperwork that’s involved in filing and settling the claim. If you are too busy with other things, it’s best to leave the work to an expert who knows what it takes to deal with insurance providers.